Definition of Terms

Dog Walking Service

This is for walks in the afternoon around noon while you are at work Monday through Friday. It is usually one walk per day. Double walks are common for puppies or people who work long hours. Go to my dog walking rates section if you need this service.

Pet Sitting Service

Involves providing food, water, administering medication, cleaning litter, playtime, and walks throughout the day for dogs. This is when you are away one day or more (most often when on vacation) and most often is for cats and dogs, though all types of pets can have this service. Go to my pet sitting rates section if you need this service.

Pet Boarding Service

Is when your pet stays at a pet sitter’s home for some period of time. Includes all the same as for pet sitting. This is good for dogs who get anxious when alone for long periods of time, and not so good for cats that prefer things to remain the same. Go to my dog and cat boarding rates section if you need this service.

In-House Sitting

Same as for boarding but is when the pet sitter stays at your place where your pets are in familiar surroundings (best for cats). I do not offer this service at this time

Pet Taxi Service

This is when you take your clients pets to the vet or groomers because they can not make weekday appointments due to their work schedule. This would also be common for senior citizens who do not drive anymore, people with disabilities, or people sick or injured. I believe there is also a service where you also go shopping for pet food and supplies for similar reasons. I do not offer this service.

Dog Daycare Service

This is care throughout the day while you are at work as opposed to one walk or overnight boarding. It involves many dogs staying at a facility during the workday. The owners will drop them off in the morning and pick them up after work. I do not offer this service.


Dog Walking Rates and Services

I offer mid-day walks for people who work long hours, and also morning or late afternoon \ early evening walks to accommodate your schedule. Dogs that are crated during the day especially need walks throughout the day, because a lack of exercise can result in a hyperactive dog in need of socialization. I offer 15 and 30-minute walks which provide regular exercise and companionship. I also can visit 2x’s a day or more for puppies who need more than 1 visit per day. My rates are competitive with, if not better than, other dog walking companies. My service area is zip 19130 (see Service Area page). Dog walks for 30 minutes are only available if I have open time slots and are not available from 11am-2pm.

Dog walking rates

Dog Walking Rates

Standard Dog Walk Rate $12 $15 $19
Puppies (or 2 or more visits\day) $12 $15 $19
Nights & weekends $12 $18 $22
Fee for 2nd dog 1 $3 $3 $4

1 If both dogs are easy to walk there is no charge for the 2nd dog.


Pet Sitting Rates and Services

Pet Sitting Rates

I also offer pet sitting. This is a better option for dogs than staying at a dog kennel, moving your cats to new surroundings or leaving them alone for a long period of time. Your pets stay where they are most comfortable with familiar sights and smells. I can visit up to 3x’s a day for dogs, or 2x’s a day for cats. I can also make your place looked lived-in by leaving lights on, taking out the trash, getting mail, or turning on the TV or radio for pets who may be more relaxed with background sounds. My service area is approximately the same as for dog walking. Payment up front is required for new clients. There is a $5 surcharge for major holidays (see the Notes section below). Pet sitting hours are ~ from 7:30 AM to 8:00 PM.

Dog Sitting Rates

Dog Sitting Rates

Standard Dog Sitting Rate $12 $15 $18
Nights & weekends2 $12 $18 $21
Fee for 2nd dog3 $3 $3 $4

Cat Sitting Rates

Cat Sitting Rates (and other pets)

Standard Cat Sitting Rate $12 $15 $18
2nd visit for pets needing medicine 1 $5 NA NA
Nights & weekends $12 $15 $21
Fee for 3 or more cats $3 $3 $4

1 If you want 2 visits per day for the full 15, 20 or 30 minutes, then it would be the standard rate for the 2nd visit. The discount only applies to pets needing medication.

* Pet sitting includes dog walks (if applicable), filling food\water bowls, cleaning the litter box, bringing in mail, taking out the trash, turning on\off lights, watering plants, etc.
** Initial consultation is FREE. Additional visits to pick up keys or for other reasons is $10, so it is a good idea to have the keys available or else drive them to the walker’s house. Payment for pet sitting must be in cash and up front.
*** Summers and holidays book up fast, so call to reserve a spot at least 7 days in advance, although 2 weeks or more is recommended. I do not take on clients who need visits every, or every other, weekend over the summer.


Cat and Dog Boarding Rates and Services

I also offer cat & dog boarding for cat-friendly dogs (I own 2 cats). I have a yard and a separate back room for bigger dogs. My yard is 25' x 50', half grass, and half concrete, with a 6' high wooden fence. Your pets will receive personal attention, feeding, 3 walks per day, litter cleaning, etc. I do request that you provide food unless it is a single night. Payment is 1/2 up front in cash for new clients and as a deposit to reserve a spot for your pet. ALSO, YOU NEED TO BRING YOUR PET TO MY PLACE TO MAKE SURE THAT ALL THE PETS GET ALONG.

Dog boarding rates

Cat & Dog Boarding Rates

Cat Boarding Rate 24 hrs. 1 $40
Dog Boarding Rate 24 hrs. 1 $50
Puppy Boarding 24 hrs. $65
In-house overnight sitting 24 hrs. 2 $75
Additional charge for a 2nd dog or cat $5

1 Overnight stays and boarding for dogs include a morning, afternoon, and evening walk. It is $20 for cats and $25 for dogs for 12 hrs. or less. Limited availability so call \ email to see if an opening is available for the time you need boarding (at least 2 weeks notice).
2 In-house sitting is only available if my sitters do not have previous commitments.
* Pertaining to boarding: Proof of up-to-date shots AND use of Frontline or Advantage flea and tick control is required. And it is first come, first served so to reserve a spot you need to pay 1/2 up front. Puppies must be house-broken and no younger than 16 weeks old.


Pet Portrait Photography Rates

I also offer professional quality Pet Portraits (I am a former portrait photographer). See the Pet Portraits page for examples.

* Free for clients
* $50 for a half hour, digital processing included
* $90 for 1 hour of shooting, digital processing included


Pet Service Notes

1. Receive 1 free dog walks when you refer a new client who needs a dog walker. Online reviews are also greatly appreciated!

2. Forms of payment: cash or check.

3. There is a $2 fee for mornings, evenings, weekends and some holidays for walks of 30 minutes or longer (dog visits only). I do charge $2 for each key if I need to make a copy of your key(s), and $10 for a second visit to pick a key (or any other reason), so have it ready for the initial visit. There is an additional charge of $5 per visit for major holidays: Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

4. I leave a business card after every visit detailing how the walk \ visit went, and I will alert you by phone or text if your pet is acting different and may be sick.

5. HOURS OF SERVICE: I can walk\visit your pet as early as 7:30 am and as late as 8:00 pm (no walks from approximately 3:30-7:00 PM).

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